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Your Journey

Life is like footprints in the sand. You make your print in life on a daily basis and then you wake up the next day to find your footprint has absorbed and start the day by making a new improved footprint. Just remember, life is a journey, it's up to you on "how" you live each day of the journey because your life is exactly that....YOUR LIFE. So take control. Go forward. Live your best life!  Life will have problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all, EXPERIENCES to enjoy. 

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Self love.....


I fall?

Oh, my


What if

you fly?

What If

What if all this time, all this struggle, has been leading you to a beautiful chapter in your life?
What if everything does work out, even if it doesn't seem like it right now?
What if who I become is who I've needed all along? What if all of this hard work leads to amazing things?
What if you replaced negativity with optimism?

Would your thoughts and behavior change too? I believe so.

If you ever want to SOAR in life you must first learn to F.L.Y.

"First Love Yourself"

LaLa M.


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my new location for Imperfectly Me!

I'm LaLa Moore, a Certified Life Transformational & Business Coach who’s incredibly passionate about teaming up with others to make their life or business LESS stressful, MORE enjoyable and you get out of your own way. 

I know, I know, you've probably been to a ton of different coaching sites, and maybe even heard how great they can be if you sign up with them. Or maybe they promised some magic potion to get you back to your best self. They may also sell you a picture of their perfect life. Well, thats not the story you'll hear from me. So, if that's what you're looking for, then you may as well keep looking for that purple unicorn.

The truth is HARD! There's no easy way to live it. You don't receive a manual when your born called "The Steps of How to Live Life...Successfully". There's no easy way to get through it at all. There are no elevators or escalators to advance quickly to the next success level. No magic pill or magic potion to help you get there either. The only way to get there is for YOU to put in the work MANUALLY. So take those stairs, fall over those bumps, get those scars and bruises, run into those closed doors, cry those tears of pain, hurt and disappointment....that's perfectly okay, and to be honest, it's good for you. BUT, do not stay there. Get back up, wipe those tears, dust off that interview suit, bandage up those scrapes and bruises, dust off those business plans you gave up on, and GET BACK ON THE SADDLE!


Your In the Right Place If:


You understand that change doesn't happen overnight and that there are no elevators to       your goals.

You have to take the stairs and put in the work - it takes time and you're okay with that.


You're willing to learn from someone who's been there and can help you to create the         change you want.

You're prepared to put in the work knowing that the only one who can change your life is     YOU.

You're willing to step out of your comfort zone - even if you find it scary!

Coaching is not for you if:

You prefer to make up a million and one excuses and sit and moan about your life rather         than doing something about it.

You expect others to fix your life for you - YOU have to be the one to make the changes         you want.

You expect your life to change overnight because it won't - it takes time - and that's okay.

BUT I know this isn't you because if it was, you would not be here looking through this site, right?!

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